White Horse Theatre am 15.12. an der WLS

Am Donnerstag ist das englische Tourneetheater „White Horse Theatre“ an der Wilhelm-Leuschner-Schule zu Gast. Für die Jahrgänge 7 und 9 wird das Stück „Food for Thought“ gespielt.


Food for Thought

Quelle: http://www.white-horse-theatre.eu/index.php/de/repertoire/mittelstufe/41-food-for-thought

Textauszug aus ‚Food for Thought‘

Anorek: Your mother’s bringing you some milk. What are you going to do with that milk?
Sam: Drink it, I suppose.
Anorek: Milk is full of little globules of fat. If you drink it, the fat will spread through your body and puff out your skin. It will make you flabby. Is that what you want?
Sam: No.
Anorek: Then think: how can you avoid drinking the milk?
Sam: I…could spill it on the floor.
Anorek: No good – she’ll just bring you another glass.
Sam: I could…distract her attention, and then pour it away somewhere.
Anorek: Good, that’s better. Now think, how can you distract her attention? Think! You haven’t got much time!
Sam: I could…I know, I could tell her that I’ve hurt my foot, and when she looks down I could pour the milk…into the bed.
Anorek: So that’s the plan. Look out, she’s coming.